Creating a basic website won’t boost growth. Effective digital marketing is key to reaching more customers and boosting your business in the competitive market of the internet.

From comprehensive strategy to targeted ad campaigns, a digital marketing agency can do a lot to grow your customer base and increase sales. We’ll talk about what can a digital marketing agency do for your business.

Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

You or someone in-house can handle digital marketing for your business. You set up a nice-looking website back when your company launched, what more do you really need?

But while it may seem simple on the surface, successful digital marketing today requires in-depth strategy and nonstop effort across many platforms to get results. Some key reasons you should hire a digital marketing agency include:

  • Expertise and Experience: Digital marketing agencies live and breathe online branding and promotion. They have the expertise and skills to execute campaigns you likely don’t have in-house. Years of working in the industry give them invaluable experience.
  • Save Time: Properly executing a strong digital marketing plan takes serious dedication. Do you have time to post consistently across multiple social platforms, monitor online reviews and responses, track complex analytics every day, and stay on top of the latest platform algorithm changes that impact results. In addition to everything else it takes to run your business each day? Leave it to the experts instead.
  • Target New Customers: Your current customer base and marketing tactics obviously work since your business is operational. But expanding your reach, especially targeting potential new customers, often requires a specialized strategy and tools you don’t have if you’ve never heavily focused on digital. An agency can help you dive fully into digital expansion.

Major Roles of a Digital Marketing Agency do for Your Business

The specific services offered by digital agencies can vary greatly. But most full-service digital marketing agencies provide a vast array of a la carte services to customize for your business needs. Core services typically include:

Brand Strategy

The foundation for success starts with a comprehensive digital brand strategy focused on your business goals, target customer, what makes you unique, and more brand soul searching. It allows them to craft all other marketing initiatives back to your core brand message.

Website Design and Development


Website design and development


No online marketing can happen without an effective website design in place first. Agencies can build or overhaul your existing site to modern standards, both visual design and back-end development. It makes sure your site provides a top-notch user experience.

SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) makes your business easier to find in relevant Google searches. From technical website tweaks to content creation focused on rankings, an SEO strategy is key to being found online.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, like Google Ads, promotes your site via paid ads placed in search results. Agencies optimize campaigns to get your ads in front of those most likely to convert to customers. And PPC brings site traffic instantly versus waiting for organic search rankings.

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing


Posting on Instagram or run Facebook ads here and there likely won’t move the needle much in terms of monetary return. Focused social strategies, tailored content per platform, visual asset creation, contest giveaways, and more are all pieces agencies provide.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Getting visitors to your site is one thing. However, encouraging them to actually convert into paying customers is a specialized process. From landing page design to navigational cues, agencies optimize your site experience to drive more conversions.

Email Marketing


Email Marketing


Building an email subscriber list allows you to target customers directly. From beautiful templates to lifecycle messaging flows focused on engagement and retention, agencies take care of platform setup, content building, and executing ongoing campaigns.

Digital Advertising

Expandable display/banner ads, connected TV spots, custom branded integrations, influencer partnerships, and more are all additional digital advertising avenues agencies can pursue to build awareness.

Performance Tracking and Reporting

Top agencies dig deep into analytics across platforms to constantly gather intel and optimize efforts based on performance. You get access to understandable reports and insights that demonstrate campaign results and inform future initiatives.


You may know why you need digital marketing services and what can a digital marketing agency do for your business. No matter your industry or current online presence, a digital marketing agency has strategies, solutions, and support services that can help grow your customer base.

And often faster at a larger scale than trying to do it all in-house without a robust digital experience. It is well worth exploring how custom-tailored digital marketing support can transform your brand and sales.